Stock Horse Extravaganza

Australian Stock Horse Extravaganza at Farm World 2019

Get ready for some action-packed entertainment at Farm World this year as we introduce the inaugural Australian Stock Horse Extravaganza. 

Crowd favourite Dan Steers from Double Dan Horsemanship will be on the Main Arena on Thursday and Friday, entertaining crowds with comedy acts, roman riding, fire routines and arena spectaculars.  A combination of horsemanship and excellent showmanship will result in a variety of acts set to thrill those in attendance.

Freestyle to music, sometimes known as Musical Kur, is a form of dressage competition where the horses’ paces are set to music creating a competitive “dance”.  Pas de Deux and individual riders will demonstrate the art of this very clever sport with one rider, a potential para Olympian competing.  Be prepared to be whisked away in the beauty and skill of this engaging exhibit.

Polocrosse, the king of one-horse sports, will provide an action-packed display game on Thursday afternoon.  Featuring some of Victoria’s best players, this team sport is often referred to as rugby on horseback.  The game is designed to force players to pass the ball about amongst themselves, making it a skilled, fast sport with plenty of action; and being a family-oriented sport, caters for all levels from the novice through to highly experienced riders. 

Friday morning will see the Inter Branch Challenge commence, which is a fun, friendly competition between multiple branches of the Stock Horse Society.  Teams consist of three riders (one junior, one adult male, one adult female) who compete in three different sections, with scores tallied at the end of the day prior to announcing the winners.  For Farm World the sections will include Working Tests (the horse’s ability to manoeuvre well whilst engaging his hindquarters during haunch turns and stops), Time Trial’s (may include jumping small obstacles and opening a gate) and Station Horse (showing a horse’s versatility with every day jobs and activities). 

And whilst there is plenty of action on the Main Arena, there will be many other equestrian displays and education speakers on the small arena during Thursday and Friday, local pony club displays, plus exhibitors from all aspects of the horse world.

The weekend is all about the Super Horse Challenge where some of the best riders in the country will compete not only for the title but also for prize money of $10,000 for Open Riders and $5,000 for Juniors.  The Super Horse Challenge consists of seven different equestrian disciplines challenging the horse and rider over a two-day period.  You will see everything from Show Jumping, Working Patterns, Whip Cracking, Station Horse, Barrel Racing, Bareback Competition and Time Trials. 

We can’t wait to showcase all that the Australian Stock Horse Extravaganza has to offer, there will be fun, entertainment and inspirational activations for everyone to enjoy.


Farm World Dates & Hours

Thursday 11 April 8.30am – 5pm

Friday 12 April 8.30am – 5pm

Saturday 13 April 8.30am – 5pm

Sunday 14 April 8.30am – 4pm