Steer Trial 2017

Lardner Park Steer Trial 2017 will begin in July. Compliant with the Coles QA grass-fed program, we aim to achieve the best outcome for both during-trial information and data collection, and purchase price on carcass meat when the Trial is turned off early December, as a domestic grade with a specification of between 210-285kg HSCW (hot standard carcass weight).

As the only grass based Steer Trial in Australia, producers are provided with the opportunity to assess their cattle under independently controlled grazing conditions. Entrants will be required as part of the application process to make a declaration confirming entered steers have not been grain fed since birth.

The Trial will be extensively promoted on social media, through our publication media partners and industry partner channels. Weekly video updates will be broadcast highlighting weather and feed conditions and effect on cattle progression. Online video of the monthly weigh-ins will also be broadcast, although you are encouraged to attend these in person. Speakers will be presenting at the monthly weigh-in lunches hosted at Lardner Park and will be advised well in advance so you can plan weigh-in attendance to coincide with presentation topics of particular interest to you throughout the Trial.

Discussion is underway regarding an on-site visit to Lardner Park at the end of the Trial which will present detailed boning demonstrations followed by preparation and cooking demonstrations. This visit is intended to present in detail ‘perfect’ and ‘imperfect’ carcass components allowing you to fully appreciate what is required to achieve that top-dollar return on the best possible meat cuts. An evening of entertainment, industry speakers and a premium meat eaters dining experience will follow!

Engagement is being undertaken with school programs to help foster our future farmers, invite involvement from these future farmers whilst still at school, and promote wider distribution of the Trial data. We encourage agriculture students of all ages to connect with the Trials.

Carcass assessment uses the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading scheme. Awards include:

  • Overall recognition – ‘Domestic Weight Gain & Carcass Award’ with 1st – 3rd places based on highest combined points calculated as 45% weight gain and 55% carcass assessment
  • Highest Weight Gain for a Pair calculated as highest combined weight gain
  • Highest Carcass Score as a Pair calculated as highest combined carcass assessment points
  • Eating Quality Award

No individual steer/carcass will be disqualified from the Awards ‘Domestic Weight Gain & Carcass’ and ‘Highest Carcass Score as a Pair’ if it does not meet carcass specifications. Eligibility for the ‘Highest Weight Gain in a Pair’ Award requires each carcass to fall within the specified weight range. 2 penalty points per kg will apply to carcasses falling outside the HSCW weight range of 210kg to 285kg over or under this range (for example, a carcass weighing 292kg, so 7kg over, will receive a 14-penalty point reduction).

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2017 Steer Trial Event

Conditions and Notices of Entry

Applications close: 19th June 2017

You will be advised no later than the 21st of June if your application has been successful.  Delivery of steers must be made to Lardner Park on Monday 3rd July prior to 1pm.  The competition will start on Monday 10th July 2017 after a one week settling in period.

Payment must be made via EFT at the time of application.  If your applications is not successful, your payment will be refunded in full within 24 hours.

One entry shall consist of a pair, being two steers of the same breed.  The Lardner Park Committee retains the right to accept or reject entries as best fitting to the trial.

Lardner Park Steer Trials is seeking entrants of British/European cross breeds or British origin.  Direct European breeds are not suitable for this trial due to fat level coverage.

Declaration is required that cattle have not been grain fed since birth.  Cattle will be weighed at regular intervals between arrival and turn off.  The turn off date has been set for early December 2017.

To minimise cattle going under or over weight and to assist producers in selecting cattle, entry weight of 285kg to 360kg has been set.  Cattle must arrive at Lardner Park within this weight range.

Data will be collected on the life of the steer including ‘Days of Age’ and ‘Weight at Birth’ (if known).  All steers will be drenched on arrival at Lardner Park with a broad spectrum drench and potentially dosed with trace elements.

For information about fees, please see the application information.