Farm World Joy Flights

Experience Farm World from an aerial perspective!

You may have experienced the enormity of Farm World from the ground but how would you like to see it from an aerial view?  Lakes Entrance Helicopters will be offering joy flights for Farm World patrons.  Such an amazing experience, fun for everyone!

* Minimum of 2 people, infants under 3 years of age fly for free on the lap of an adult.

Farm World helicopter rides

Come and see Farmer Darryl at Farm World!

Come and meet Farmer Darryl and all his gorgeous animals

For many, one of the highlights at Farm World, Lardner Park is getting to see all the gorgeous animals, both large and small.  We are thrilled that Farmer Darryl, after rave reviews in 2019, will be returning in 2020. Bringing over 100 animals you will see a menagerie of sheep, lambs, goats, kids, piglets, bottle fed calves, ducks, geese, hens and chickens, ducks and ducklings, fan tail pigeons, and so much more.

Farmer Darryl will entertain you with loads of facts and interesting insights such as – did you know pigs love belly scratches?  And that the emu is the 2nd fastest running bird in the world?  Make sure you gather around for story time where the kids (and adults) will be enthralled listening to Farmer Darryl as he tells the tale of Polly the Lorikeet and how she found her sparkle!  Sing along with farm yard songs, join in with bottle feeding the calves, and feed and brush the cute and furry.  Make sure you allow plenty of time to get lost amongst the faces of Penelope the Goat, Freckles the Piglet, Collingwood the Rabbit, the chooks – Mr & Mrs Cornflakes and the famous ‘Polly’ the lorikeet.  Great fun and entertainment for all the family

Farmer Darryl at Farm World

Event Scooter Hire

Do you have difficulty walking around Farm World, hire a scooter!

Do you have difficulty walking distances? Most large events like Farm World involve a sizeable amount of walking.  Event Scooter Hire has the solution to ensure you see the entire event comfortably and safely. Gone are the days that you miss out on seeing everything because you are not able to walk the distance. Hire a scooter and see it all!  Find us at Gate 5.

How do I book?

  1. Book online: get a tax invoice and faster processing at the event
  2. Reservation: reserve a scooter online and pay on the day
  3. Walk Up: book and hire on the spot (subject to availability)

Visit for more information.

Event Scooter Hire

Farm World's Fittest Farmer Competition

Who will be crowned the 2020 winner?

Lardner Park and Lardner Movement have joined forces to bring you Farm World’s Fittest Farmer.  Do you have what it takes to be crowned the 2020 Winner? 

Farmers from all industries, are encouraged to step off the farm and step onto the field to undertake a series of challenges using both brains and brawn.  You will be challenged with tyre flips, tying knots, wheel barrow dragging, sledge hammering, log carries, a minor obstacle course plus heaps more.

With fabulous prizes and accolades up for grabs, make sure you sign up and give it a crack!  Entries will open late 2019.

Farm World's fittest farmer competition

Camel Rides at Farm World

So majestic, enjoy a camel ride with friends at Farm World

Make sure you set aside some time to enjoy a camel ride at Farm World.  Reaching up to 7 foot in height and weighing up to 1500 pounds, these exotic creatures will allow you to experience Farm World from a whole new vantage point.  Watch this space for further information about booking your ride.

Camel rides at Farm World